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Top Five Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations to Explore with Travel Finance.

Top Five Budget-Friendly Holiday Destinations to Explore with Travel Finance.

If exploring or enjoying world vacation destinations is one of the priorities on your bucket list, then keep reading this. Traveling on a budget helps you become more conscious about your expenditure while enjoying your holiday and exploring your choice of travel destinations.

One of the benefits of Travel Finance is that it gives you access to funds to achieve your vacation or #study abroad dreams. It can also help you increase your travel history as well as your chance of getting a visa to countries with stricter visa approvals.

We have therefore curated the top five budget-friendly destinations you can explore with Travel Finance.

Sri Lanka

Seema Malaka Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Top on our list of five low-budget travel destinations is #SriLanka. This Asian country has several budget-friendly options, such as hostels and #Airbnb. One of the best ways to enjoy Sri Lanka is to avoid the big cities. You also get delicious and affordable #streetfoods from local vendors and local markets. Sri Lanka also offers quite a large number of free #tourist sites like #beaches, #temples #landscapes, and the rich Sri Lankan #culture.

Fiji Islands

Palm trees over a white beach on Island, Fiji,

South Pacific country #Fiji Island comes second on our list of budget-friendly holiday destinations to consider with Travel Finance. One of the most expensive accommodation types in the Figi Islands are #resorts and #guesthouses. Staying in #hostels instead of resorts or hotels can be a great way to saving money. We recommend taking local buses instead of hired buses or taxis, and street foods instead of eating at fancy #Srilankan restaurants. Plan ahead to visit free sites or very low-budget tourist sites to save more on your #vacation.

South Korea

Third on our list of top five low-budget holiday destinations is #SouthKorea. This #Asian country has so much to offer to tourists. From #spicystreet foods, beautiful sites, temples, affordable subways, and street buses, and more. Opt for low-budget hostels and guesthouses to save costs. You might also want to avoid the top restaurants and choose to enjoy delicious street foods and fun activities without spending much.



#India is another budget-friendly destination to visit to increase your #travelhistory. Plan to travel to India when there is no festivities or off-peak period. India has lots of beautiful cities with beautiful sites such as temples. Opt for the not-so-popular cities in India and consider eating from local restaurants which offer vast options of delicious Asian cuisine. Try out local transportation and public buses instead of private cabs and hired buses.


#Vietnam is another adventurous country on our list of top five budget-friendly destinations. This historic country has many budget-friendly hostels, hotels, and guesthouses. Vietnam is known for great-tasting street food that your taste bud would thank you for. Experience the #Vietnamese culture by exploring the city with local transportation, and visiting free #sites and #monuments.

Remember you can increase your travel history with travel finance. Travel finance offers you access to funds for study abroad or vacation visa processing. Reach out to our team via or +234 701 313 9693

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