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These are Fixed Income Linked Note backed by fixed income instruments such as Bonds and Treasury instruments. This enable you maximize your returns by investing in money market instruments with the twin benefits of capital

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FixedSaver is a high yield fixed income note. It is an investment note issued out by PFI Capital. The underlying assets may include Bonds, Eurobonds, Treasury Bills and Commercial Paper.

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Managed Portfolio (Discretionary)

These are portfolios made for clients who want to assign the investment decision making process entirely to our portfolio managers.

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Managed Portfolio (Non-Discretionary)

These are portfolios designed for clients who would like to participate in the investment decision-making process of their portfolios.

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This is product designed for clients interested in investing in international markets. The international access product offers clients access to offshore securities across various asset classes.

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Managed Savings Plan

Our Managed Savings Plan gives clients the flexibility to maximize their investment returns through a well-structured savings plan. It is a regular contribution or lump sum savings

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Offshore Investing - InvestorsTrust

On the back of our open architecture platform, we offer our clients offshore investment solutions provided by INVESTORS TRUST.

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International Living Trust

We offer Offshore Living Trust services provided by "Highly Rated" International Financial Institutions to clients who are in need of estate planning tools to facilitate succession planning.

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International Life Insurance

We are working with UNILIFE and ATLAS LIFE to provide our clients wherever they are in the world, with International Life Insurance policy that gives protection and Financial Security for their beneficiaries

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SME Distributor Finance (Powered by Peecredit)

A lending product that allows Key-Distributors (KDs) and Sub-Distributors (SDs) to receive financing for orders made to corresponding fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) manufacturers, to help them increase transaction volumes, and obtain better incentives. Repayments are based on installments in multiples of 30 days.

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Merchant Finance (Powered by Peecredit)

A lending product that allows merchants who currently trade on big E-commerce platforms or trade using electronic payment services access credit for various business reasons such as working capital, business expansion, and other operational needs, based on the most recent sales data gotten from the lead generator’s platform. Repayment occurs weekly.

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SME Local Purchase Order Finance (Powered by Peecredit)

A lending product that allows Suppliers to receive financing for up to 80% of purchase orders from a notable obligor, to help them complete delivery of goods and/or services to acceptable obligors. Repayments will be made at the end of stipulated tenor.

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